Vaal Mental Health has its own board of non-paid volunteers currently chaired by Reverent Rudie Booyens. Yvonne Coertze is the director of Vaal Mental Health and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. (Similar to the role of a CEO)
Although sitting on the board of SAFMH, Vaal Mental Health (similar to the other 16 Mental Health
Societies from across South Africa) is an independent body with its own governing structure and
provides community-based mental health services to Sedibeng.
The National Office of SAFMH aims to provide support to the 17 Mental Health Societies from
across South Africa from a strategic national perspective and to a certain extent streamline mental
health services in South Africa. Limited funding is provided by SAFMH to these 17 Mental Health
From a funding perspective Vaal Mental Health needs to generate and manage its own funds
whilst receiving a partial subsidy from government that is shrinking annually.